About Reiki

About Reiki

Many people ask “What is Reiki?”  It can be hard to explain but once you have received a Reiki treatment it will make sense!


“Reiki is a gentle Japanese technique that allows a transfer of energy to promote relaxation and healing.”  This is how I would best sum up what Reiki is!

Imagine this – all things are made up of energy, or Ki. This energy travels through us, around us. It’s present in all living and non-living things. The energy knows no restrictions nor is bound by time or distance. Our body uses energy, much like how blood travels to all organs and tissues to nourish and provide life, energy also travels through us to do the same. Energy, however, is not limited by our veins or by following a certain path.

Energy is abundant. It is unlimited and universal. A Reiki practitioner can channel this energy, directing it to you. Your body will consume this energy, taking it where it is needed to be for healing.

Does Reiki Hurt?

Heavens no! Reiki is so peaceful and calming, many clients fall asleep within minutes of the session beginning! It is a very gentle technique that can be done with the practitioner’s hands above your body, or lightly resting on your body. You are clothed the whole time and can either be lying on a massage table or sitting in a chair.

Reiki and Energy Work

How Does Reiki Work?

The practitioner will begin by preparing herself and doing some meditation to start the Reiki energy flowing. She will take a few minutes in prayer position while you, the client, will lie quietly, silently accepting the Reiki energy that you are about to receive and you are encouraged to think of areas you would like healed.

Once this is done the session will proceed. I personally like to start with what is called a body scan. I keep my hands about 4- 6 inches off your body and starting at your head, work my way down to your toes. I can feel the energy your body gives off, letting me know what areas need extra attention.  Once done I move to your head to begin the hands-on portion of the treatment.

The positions are very light and cover areas of the head, chin, neck, heart area, stomach area, hips, legs and feet. Usually the positions are help 3-5 minutes but they can be held shorter or longer. A typical Reiki session is 60 minutes, though your first session will likely be 90 minutes to provide time for getting information and discussing concerns etc.

What Will I Feel?

You may feel something or nothing. The same applies to the practitioner. This does not mean the Reiki is not working. From the moment the session begins the energy is flowing and going where it needs to go. You may feels areas where your practitioner’s hands are that feel warm or cold. You may get tingles on various areas of your body, even if your practitioner’s hands aren’t there. You may feel calm, or angry, happy or sad. You may cry. Reiki can release stored and negative energy so it’s not uncommon to have an emotional release, don’t worry -it’s normal!

At the end of the session, you will be relaxed. You should not feel dizzy or disconnected. If you do, ask your practitioner to ground you some more. I spend extra time at the end of the session, grounding clients to Mother Earth to ensure they are stable and balanced. You should feel energized and quite a bit of clarity. It’s also common to have interesting dreams for the next few days and ideas may just ‘pop’ into your head – write them down!

After the Session

You should be encouraged to drink a glass of water as you gathering your bearings. This helps ensure you are not dizzy and have been fully grounded. It’s a great chance to talk to your practitioner as well to share what you felt or what he felt/discovered. Remember, Reiki is not meant to diagnose any medical conditions and while there are numerous cases of illnesses being cured, no one should ever make that claim to you. That being said, believe the human body can heal itself if given the right energy and conditions!

An Important Note

Reiki is ‘channeled’ to you. It is channeled via a clear channel within the practitioner’s body and exits through her hands. You are not receiving any of her energy or personal issues, nor will she receive yours. She also receives Reiki while giving a session so it’s a highly beneficial practice to be involved in!


Questions? Comments? Testimonials?

Feel free to contact me using the form below!



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